Board of directors

Implats, its board of directors, management and employees are committed to implementing best practice in terms of corporate governance. This commitment includes behaving with integrity in all that we do and being accountable for all our actions.

Independent non-executive directors

Fred Roux
1. Fred Roux
Thandi Orleyn
5. Thandi Orleyn
Khotso Mokhele
4. Khotso Mokhele
Michael McMahon
2. Michael McMahon
Vivienne Mennell
3. Vivienne Mennell
Lex van Vught
7. Lex van Vught
John Roberts
6. John Roberts
  1. Fred Roux (58) (Chairman)
    BSc, MSc, PhD, MBA. Non-executive director of Xstrata plc. Joined the board in 2004 and appointed Chairman in 2004.
  2. Michael McMahon* (59)
    Pr.Eng. BSc (Mech Eng). Director of Gold Fields Limited, Murray & Roberts Holdings Limited. Joined the group in 1990 as managing director, appointed Chairman in 1993 and a non-executive director in 2002.
  3. Vivienne Mennell (63)
    BA, MBA, FCMA, THD. Joined the board in 1990 as financial director. Re-joined the board in 1998 as a non-executive director.
  4. Khotso Mokhele (50)
    BSc (Agriculture), MSc (Food Science), PhD (Microbiology). Director Mittal Steel South Africa Limited, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Research Foundation. Joined the board in 2004.
  5. Thandi Orleyn (50)
    B Juris, B Proc, LLB. Joined the board in 2004.
  6. John Roberts (64)
    FCIS, FCMA, MBA. Joined the board in 1998.
  7. Lex van Vught (63)
    BSc (Hons) (Chemistry), B Comm. Chairman Tiger Brands Limited, Director AECI Limited. Joined the board in 2004.

* British

Non-executive director

Thabo Mokgatlha
8. Thabo Mokgatlha
  1. Thabo Mokgatlha (31)
    CA (SA). Financial Director of Royal Bafokeng Resources
    Management Services (Pty) Limited. Joined the board in 2003 as nominee of the Royal Bafokeng Nation.

Executive directors

Keith Rumble
9. Keith Rumble
David Brown
11. David Brown
Cathie Markus
12. Cathie Markus
Shadwick Bessit
10. Shadwick Bessit
Les Paton
13. Les Paton
  1. Keith Rumble (52) (Chief Executive Officer)
    BSc (Hons), MSc (Geology). Joined the group in 2001 as Chief Executive Officer.
  2. Shadwick Bessit (44)
    NHD (Metalliferous Mining). Joined the group in 2002 as a general manager at Impala Platinum and appointed to the board in 2005.
  3. David Brown (44) (Chief Financial Officer)
    CA (SA). Joined the group in 1999 as Chief Financial Officer. Director of Simmer and Jack Mines Limited.
  4. Cathie Markus (49)
    BA, LLB. Joined the group as legal adviser in 1991 and appointed to the board in 1998.
  5. Les Paton (54)
    BSc (Hons) (Geology), B Comm, Pr. SciNat FGSSA. Joined the group as geologist in 1975 and appointed to the board in 2003.

Executive Committee (EXCO)

Area of responsibility: Day-to-day management of group operations

Keith Rumble (Chairman)
Chief Executive Officer

Shadwick Bessit
Executive Director

David Brown
Chief Financial Officer

Rob Dey
Group Engineering Manager

Derek Engelbrecht
Marketing Executive

Paul Finney
Operations Executive – Refineries

Bob Gilmour
Group Investor Relations Manager

Ramun Mahadevey
Group Secretary and Senior Manager Legal Services

Cathie Markus
Executive Director

Les Paton
Executive Director

Nonhlanhla Mgadza
Group Internal Auditor

Mike Rossouw
Group Consulting Engineer – Assets and Risk

Mike Teke
Group Human Resources Executive

Impala Platinum Holdings Limited - Annual Report 2006